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How is My Life Working as Virtual Assistant

I started working as a VA after getting a training from a BPO company called Filipino-Canadian. My life as a virtual assistant is not that easy as all may think though I admit it has perks also. For more than three weeks, I was trained there as a telemarketer, online researcher and some data entry.  And then I found this site called oDesk, it was March 15, 2008 Sunday night. You can actually read my past post about how I found my first job in oDesk here.

At present time, it has been seven years from the time I had my first online job. Working as a virtual assistant before and right now has a big difference due to the increasing numbers of people who wants to work online. Before, you can actually ask for a higher hourly rate from clients but as of now, you need to lower your rate so to compete with the rates that other virtual assistants are offering.

Working online has been easy for me since I easily get clients with my skills and experiences. Most of the time, my target job postings are long-term durations since I aim to work full time. And since I am quite choosy with the type of job that I want, therefore I am looking for one that can be done any time of the day with a lot of number of hours limit each week  and most specifically has a good pay.

Most of my projects are lead generation, online research, social media management, data entry, some article writing and blogging, and a little of video editing. Some of these skills were acquired from my previous projects also. Some clients were eager to help me and gave me the opportunity to learn new skills.

As a mother, this type of job is essential to me since I can work from the comforts of my home. I can take care of the household chores and most especially take care of my family’s needs.  I can bring my work anywhere too as long as I have an internet connection and my laptop. The downside is you have to work graveyard since most of the clients are in different time zone


Justice for Biggel!

Justice for Biggel!

I did not expect this though I read a lot of comments from facebook that there were incidents that Tin Patrimonio’s vote were credited to Pamu thus making Tin the second to the last evicted housemate. I’ve been searching for evidence such as photos to prove the hearsay not until this photo surfaced the netosphere. Tsk tsk PBB staffs and officials should take action on this matter if this is really true. If not for SLATER’s votes that has been credited to PAMU, Biggel should have been the first placer.

Thank God I Found "oDesk"

Early last year  I  was in great trouble, so desperate to get a decent job to support my family. Working in a call center was one of the many options I have in mind. The wage is pretty good compared to other jobs. Together with my friends, we walked in and submit our resumes to various Call Centers until we heard about this Canadian Company currently looking for applicants to fill in vacant positions.I was lucky enough to pass the interview and undergo several weeks of thorough training. During the training, we did a lot of online research, data entry, telemarketing and other administrative task. I kinda like it there, so challenging for me to speak English most of the time. I excelled and stayed at the top among my colleagues, my manager and the Canadian owner was impressed with my work.I have this feeling of pursuing the job but still I’m hoping to find another opportunity of working at home over the internet. I saw this website “” and was a little hesitant thinking that there’s a lot of scams popping out in the internet but I gambled and took the chance. It was Sunday; I made my profile, took some tests and applied for a job. The following day I got an email for my very first job interview and wow it was faster than I thought.
I feel so blessed that I got my very first job after that interview. The buyer said that he liked me most among other hundreds of applicants because I’m a “God Fearing Person” which I wrote in my resume. He is a Christian like me and that moment I realized that God really was the way, He helped me. I did my best shot on that very first assignment and right after the assignment ended, 3 large projects was given to me.I didn’t have any second thoughts of leaving the Canadian company though I am very thankful to them. It was my experience with them that gave me the will and confidence to work as a freelancer. I doubted oDesk first due to the delay of my debit card (where I get my salary) and did some research about the website. I talk to some old providers and they assured me that I’ll get paid. The moment I
got my debit card…ahhh such a big sigh of relief =).
After working for more than a year now as a Virtual Assistant in oDesk, I got the greatest and coolest news I never thought of. Friday, 2nd day of October 2009, I received an email from oDesk that among 250,000 plus providers all over the world , I am one of the TOP 25 VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS for the month of September! Awesome Feeling isn’t it? That is where I got my badge “oDesk Top Virtual Assistant”.With oDesk, I got the chance to work comfortably at home with my kids just around me, having more than enough resources to feed my family and the chance to have a little luxury in life. I believe that GOD heard my prayers of having a job without me going out of the country leaving my family again to look for greener pasture. oDesk dramatically changed my life. Now my sister and some of my friends whom I shared my success has their own piece of story to tell about oDesk too, for they are as well working in oDesk.