Justice for Biggel!

Justice for Biggel!

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I did not expect this though I read a lot of comments from Facebook that there were incidents that Tin Patrimonio’s votes has been redirected and were credited to Pamu thus making Tin the second to the last evicted housemate. I’ve been searching for evidence such as photos to prove the hearsay  not until this photo surfaced and circulated over the internet. Once you voted for a housmate there is a confirmation right after you send your vote , like if you vote for SLATER the confirmation should be like this: “Nakuha namin ang boto mo to save SLATER! Isang beses lang pwedeng bumoto gamit ang sim/number na ito. P2.50/txt.”  But in this case,  it’s very clear that SLATER’s vote has been redirected and was credited to PAMU! If and only if, this photo was not edited.  Tsk tsk if there is any truth behind this very sensitive issue PBB staffs and officials should take action on this.  BIGGEL should have been the first big placer if not because of SLATER’s votes that has been credited to PAMU.

Here are some of the user comments I gathered from Facebook: Click the photos below to be able to clearly read the comments.

What can you say? Do you think this is true?  If so, I pity BIGGEL and his family and fans who supported him 😦


2 thoughts on “Justice for Biggel!

  1. omg, naalala ko 2loy. the day nung big night ay nag vote ako kay biggel para maging big winner sya, mga around 7:30-8:30 un, 30 minutes na nakalipas peo walang text from Pbb na nacount un vote ko. akala ko kc normal lang un kaya hinayaan ko na..


    1. You are not alone…if you follow the link to Facebook you’ll know that there are others who experience the same problem during the bignight. I hope this wont happen again on the next seasons of PBB.


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