Month: March 2012

Aliyah’s Graduation Dinner @ Punong Restaurant

Aliyah's Graduation Dinner @ Punong Restaurant

After the graduation program of my baby girl we dine out and invited some of our closest relatives on both sides. It’s been a dream come true for me since I’ve been dying to go and try the said Seafood restaurant. The place is great and one good thing is, it’s not that crowded but you need to have your own vehicle to be able to go there. The only problem we encountered were the mosquitoes and there’s lots of them. There really is a need to bring an insect repellent to protect you from mosquito bites. Aside from the mosquitoes, there are no other problems at all. Over all, we had a sumptuous dinner in a price that’s just right!

Home Made Chocolate Cupcake

Home Made Chocolate Cupcake

Since I bought my new GE Microwave oven I’ve always been excited to make cupcakes for my kids. So one day I bought all the stuffs needed to make one. Now this is the result of my experiment and I’m very proud to say that my kids love it and even their dad love it too.

Upon baking, I accidentally created this moist cake 🙂

Pre-loved Ladies Bag Found Today

Pre-loved Tote Bag Found Today

Together with my two older sisters, we went to the city’s public market to scour for some “pre-loved” bags, luckily on the second shop that we went through I found this nice floral tote bag for just Php100. Amazed by it’s cheap price, I then took a 100 Peso bill from my wallet and paid the sales lady. This is the second pre-loved bag that I bought from that shop.