♥The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Finale♥

It’s so sad that TVD season 2 ended with Jenna (Sara Canning) out of the league. I wasn’t expecting her to die on season 2 episode 21, I just love her team up with Alaric Saltzman. It would kill me even more if the producer decided to kill Alaric from the tv sereies too. He’s been a big part of TVD and I can’t imagine TVD without him. Actually I looked like and kinda sounds like crazy watching the episode 21 of season 2, wondering whether Jenna would die or not grrrrrr! I was screaming and crying alone.
Anyway, the season 2 finale turned out well, it’s epic! With Stefan gone rouge and ripper under Klaus’s on season 3, I’m seeing Delena (Damon and Elena) tandem in season 3. I know you guys knew Klaus is hot but I just don’t like the character, he’s so scary, well I was scared with Elijah before but when they revealed Klaus he scared the sh*t out of me! I know Damon will get a cure, he’s one of the main characters so I am pretty confident he won’t die. I knew it, there will be a cure for wolf bite! But I didn’t expected it would be Klaus’s blood.
I just hope Jenna would come back  as a ghost like Anna and Vicky. I just hope so, I thought Jenna as a vamp is a cool idea, another Caroline. I pity Alaric, he lost her without even seeing her for the last time as a vampire =( .

Tyler and Caroline looked great together on the last part of the episode! I don’t know if you all agree. I like Matt-Caroline tandem but he couldn’t just let go of the vamp thing. Tyler with some werewolf issues and Caroline being there, she’s been helping him out from the very beginning, gosh they just look great together! I’m hoping for more Tyler-Caroline scenes in season 3, I think they should have a baby, another “Nick Klaus”, Caroline is a vamp and Tyler is a werwolf, they are the main ingredients of making a ‘vampirewolf” lol….just a thought. September is way toooo lonnnngggggg! I can’t wait for the next season.

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