All The Things I HATE About You

-I hate the way you ignore me & chose your most cherished friends over me

I hate it when u don’t text|call me when you’re there and I’m wondering what you’re up to

-I hate it when you’re always not available for family trips and parties

-I hate when you lie that you’re not out to party but a friend slips her tongue

-I hate it even when you’re at home your attention is always on your phone

-I hate it when I invite you to go out with me and you turned me down & then one day I’ll see your pix enjoying with friends (videokeing, partying, drinking etc…)

-I hate to know that you delivered flowers for someone else but never in my entire life that you’ve given me once

-I hate it when you come home from work and I seem invisible

-I hate it when I read your inbox and forwarded messages from girls flooded it

-I hate it when you managed to return other’s text past midnight but ended our phone conversation at nine saying you’re too tired already

-I hate when you think that you’re always right and I’m always wrong

-I hate to cry at night knowing you’re happy 30 miles away from me

-I hate to think that you’re out there to work & I’m here alone with kids

-I hate it that our kids grow up without you most of the time

-I hate it when I call you for dinner but you’re too busy watching you’re favorite TV show; don’t you know that I wanted to have dinner with you together with the kids even on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays only.

-I hate it when I’m telling stories and you’re not listening at all

-I hate it when we sleep at night and you turn your back on me

-I hate it when you’re too concerned for others but you don’t even care about me

-I hate it when I’m sick and text you to come home but you just couldn’t, I hate remembering those times I’m pregnant that you came home very early in the following morning (5Am) drunk

-I hate it when you compliment others but never heard you complemented me

-I hate to compare you with others but I just can’t help it

-I hate all these things you did to me yet I still can’t hate you.


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