>Back Again

>Hi, it’s been months that I haven’t written any posts. I’m quite busy with my online job, I’m working like 50-60 hours a week. What are some of the updates about me? Well, my 4 years old daughter Aliyah Cassandra had her summer dance workshop, ballet, it’s not her first time though. She started when she’s 3 and I have few problems with her that time. She always cried and wanted me near her all the time. Any way I’ll post some pix about that summer workshop.

Last June, she had her first school day!! Hooray!! Thanks to her ballet lessons she didn’t shed a tear on her first day of class. Yesterday I found out that she make it to top 15 in her class and I was so happy, there where like 50 kindergarten pupils and so I’m so proud of her.

Enough about my little girl, another update was about my brother-in-law who died last July. My sister was so devastated, they have 3 kids and I know how hard it is for her to be a single mom now. A lot of things happen, good and bad but nothing worst thank GOD!

I’ll be back with more of personal things that happen to me, I’ll keep it short this time.


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