Diet Pills – Safe or Not?

My-oh-my….girls are just too conscious of their figure. Every girl I know wants to have a 36-24-36 Vital Statistics. Is that possible to achieve? Well for some girls that isn’t hard especially if it’s genetically inherited. But for others who are not as lucky enough, they really should work hard for it. Some resort to diet pills but is it safe to take those pills?

I’ve read a lot of forums about diet pills and even tried it myself. Before taking the pill I tried to research it on the internet, its effectiveness and side effects. Chinese diet pills are the most popular so far. It’s affordable and effective. All my life, I never take prohibited drugs but taking the pill seems like I’m high on drugs. I stop using it coz I have strong heart palpitations, I can’t breath, I can’t eat I just drink a lot of water which I think is good, but the worst of all; I have rashes coming out all over my body. I have history of allergy before and it’s fatal. I was sent to the hospital due to allergy. Yes I really did loose weight but it has negative side effects on me.

I was also scared of the comments I’ve read on the forums saying that diet pills can cause cancer. There was a testimony about her aunt who died of cancer resulting from diet pills intake. I just wasted my money buying the pill since I didn’t even consume it all. I gave the remaining pills to my friend. She even consumed 4 more packs of it and now she has a slimmer body. I am afraid for what negative side effects the pill may do to her body. She may not notice it now but we never know what happens in the future.Diet Pills – Safe or Not?


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