Month: March 2010

>Problems with Bad Breath

>What causes bad breath and what can we do to prevent bad breath. Bad breath has been a problem of many both teenagers and adults. We need good oral hygiene as we are not baby’s anymore who have angels breath, it’s as important as our looks does. Halitosis known as bad breath can affect anyone at any given time. It is such a very embarrassing problem for most people who posses it. Commonly bad breath can be prevented and treated easily, however there are some medical conditions that may also cause bad breath such as Chronic halitosis that may indicate an underlying medical concern that should be addressed by your dentist or medical doctor.

The Food We Eat and Digestion may also be a cause for bad breath as it can adversely affect our breath. Odors from certain spices,onions,garlic, and cabbage may result in halitosis when the suspected food is absorbed into the blood stream after digestion. When the blood has transferred to the lungs, the smell from the food is evident when you exhale. Since digestion comes next to eating, it can be another cause of bad breath. Gasses that are produced during the digestive process may escape through our mouth, giving off the odor it produces. Poor digestion resulting in constipation and bowel disorders can likely contribute to bad breath, resulting from the gasses that are produced during this process.

Another possible cause of bad breath is Dry Mouth or Xerostomia. Xerostomia is a condition that causes a decrease in the production of saliva, resulting in a dry mouth. There are several factors that may cause xerostomia, some of which may need to be treated by your doctor. Saliva is essential in providing lubrication to the mouth to allow for proper chewing and swallowing. It naturally cleanses the mouth and helps to prevent cavities. Having dry mouth causes bad breath since the food particles remain trapped in the mouth to rot and cause the unpleasant smell when you exhale.

Another well known contributor for bad breath is Cigarette Smoking. Smoking is also a major cause of periodontal disease. The smoke produced from a cigarette is inhaled into the lungs, and then exhaled through the nose and mouth. This causes an immediate effect on your breath. The chemicals and residue from the smoke remains in your mouth and airways. Continued use of cigarettes contribute to gum disease, which is a major cause of bad breath.


>Kidney For A Living


Late last night while working on my assignment, I watched National Geographic Channel. The show was all about taboo and Philippines was one of the featured countries with such belief. Actually what was featured for me is not some kind of a taboo. It’s more of survival. People tend to do anything to survive from poverty, from problems.
There’s a place in the Philippines where most of the people sell their Kidneys to black market for them to earn money. Yeah that’s true, I couldn’t believe they actually did it. For sure, those people are helpless and could not find other ways to earn money. Some of them actually do have jobs but their wage is not enough to support their family.
Picture from CBSNews
Doctors said that taking the other kidney may cause some long term effects which are not beneficial for human. The operation itself is a painful one. It takes time to heal the wounds. After the operation most of them can’t go back to their old jobs especially when it includes physical strength such as lifting heavy objects, so they need to find another job that is much lighter and easier to do. Selling their Kidney is just a temporary financial relief.It was even mentioned that this act was even legalized by the government before and I thought that was so ridiculous. Currently the government banned the selling of kidneys after seeing the negative effects. The government must take care of this; they should create more bills that people would benefit in a long term. Instead of corrupting people’s money, they should rather give it to the poor. Anyway when we die we can’t bring our money with us.

>Whey Protein For Body Building

>It’s been a month already since I went to the GYM with a goal of trimming my body and staying healthy. For the first week I noticed that with proper diet and gym exercise I lost 4 lbs in a matter of 5 days. But as I pushed through the following weeks I was able to gain weight already which puzzled me so much. I then asked my gym instructor for advice.

Proper diet plus gym exercise is the best to trim down your body and lose weight. But he added that if I want, I could take “whey protein” supplements for faster effects. I just bought and hoping I could see results in a short period.

What is Whey Protein? I did some research to satisfy myslef and found this article about whey protein. According to Whey Protein Institute; Whey protein is a high quality protein powder from cow’s milk. Milk has two proteins: Casein (approximately 80%) and Whey Protein (approximately 20%). Whey protein is more soluble than casein and also has a higher quality rating. It is often referred to as the “Gold Standard” of protein as it is the most nutritious protein available. Milk has two proteins: Casein (approximately 80%) and Whey Protein (approximately 20%). Whey protein is more soluble than casein and also has a higher quality rating. It is often referred to as the “Gold Standard” of protein as it is the most nutritious protein available. You can read more about whey protein and it’s benefits on their website :

The problem with me is not having the ability to control myself from eating foods that hinders my ability to lose weight. With perseverance and discipline reaching my target of losing just 10lbs is not impossible. If others can then why can’t I?

Long Distance Love Affair; Does It Really Work?

 Have you ever been in a relationship where you and the person you dearly love are worlds apart? Have met someone online; fell in love and hoping someday he/she will come to marry you? Do you feel you can always trust your partner that he/she will remain faithful and honest to you?

With today’s latest technology; web cams are now available allowing us to see and talk to our love ones even though they’re thousands miles away from us. This can help us connect with them and maybe hold on to the relationship, but what about off cam? I’m pretty sure they will hang out with friends and could possibly meet other individuals during a party. Lucky you if your partner truly is in love with you and flirting with others is not one of his/her vices.

Most of the people I knew who succumb into this kind of relationship ended up nothing but heart broken. Only few of my friends lived happily ever after. They are those people lucky enough who’s partner really hang on and remain faithful to their love till they meet again and ended up saying “I DO “. When you are involved in this kind of relationship, don’t put all your hopes and dreams to the other person so much. Think of the possibilities that he/she may find someone new. He/she in the longer run may change his/her feelings for you. Though you will remain faithful and honest, willing to wait; the other person might not be feeling the same thing about you.

I Need A New Mobile Phone!

As a girl mobile phone is one of my weaknesses. I love to be on top of the latest trends in mobile gadgets. Well it’s been a year since I bought my current cell phone the Softbank 920SC. I fell in love with this cell phone the first time I saw it on Softbank’s website. I like the style, color, features plus the 5mega pixel camera. This phone is available only in Japan and I have to ask my cousin in JP to buy it for me. Last week I was strolling on the mall with my beloved hubby just looking around until we found ourselves inside this store (forgot the name) and saw the Samsung Jet and Samsung Star WiFi mobile phones.

What I love most with these phones is the wifi connectivity which for me is very essential especially with my type of work where I need to check my emails every now and then. Samsung Star is a lot cheaper than Samsung Jet so I thought I should pick it. My hubby as well needed a new phone and was thinking of buying the Samsung Jet for him since its also favorable for him. They have wifi connectivity in their office allowing him to use his mobile phone and surf the internet. For me, we also have wifi at home therefore I can surf the web with my phone anywhere inside and outside my home as long as it’s within the range.

I am contented with Samsung Star but there’s this another phone which I am thinking about too, the Nokia ExpressMusic but since my sis-in-law owns one already maybe I have to forget about it. I’m dying to buy the phone already but I can’t get any money from my savings, actually I call it “conjugal savings; since me and my husband have been putting money on the same account” my husband wont allow me too. I’ve been working hard these past few days so I can save money enough to buy the new phone. I’m planning to buy end of this month on our 10th Wedding Anniversary. I’ll consider it a gift to myself..LOL

Phone Specs:

Samsung S5233W Star WiFi

GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

TFT resistive touchscreen, 256K colors

240 x 400 pixels, 3.0 inches

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g

3.15 MP, 2048×1536 pixels


SMS, MMS, Email

MP3/WMA/AAC player

microSD (TransFlash), up to 16GB (verified),

50mb Internal Memoy

Samsung S8000 Jet

GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

AMOLED resistive touchscreen, 16M colors

480 x 800 pixels, 3.1 inches

TouchWiz v2.0 UI

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g

5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash


SMS, MMS, Email, IM, Push Email

microSD (TransFlash), up to 16GB

2GB / 8GB Internal Memory

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

TFT resistive touchscreen, 16M colors

360 x 640 pixels, 3.2 inches

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, UPnP technology

3.15 MP, 2048×1536 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, LED flash

WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML, RSS feeds

SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging

microSD (TransFlash), up to 16GB, 8GB included

81 MB storage, 128 MB RAM

My Fave Miley Song

I’m Just A Girl

by Miley Cyrus

I’ve been waitin’ for this moment
For you to see
The real me
It’s been an illusion
I never meant to fool you
I got caught up in a fantasy

I’m just a girl
With a dream that got the best of me
In a world, that believes fame is everything
Got outta touch
With the ones who gave me my wings to fly, to fly

People say, that the world is like a stage
Their so confused, the rules I play
I been away from home for so long
That I, I almost forgot where I belong

It’s so easy to forget what really matters in this life
It’s so hard to live with regrets but a promise I will try
To be a better me
From now on
I’m sorry
I didn’t mean to do you wrong

You gave me my wings so I can fly, I can fly
Yeah, Yeah
I’m just a girl

Diet Pills – Safe or Not?

My-oh-my….girls are just too conscious of their figure. Every girl I know wants to have a 36-24-36 Vital Statistics. Is that possible to achieve? Well for some girls that isn’t hard especially if it’s genetically inherited. But for others who are not as lucky enough, they really should work hard for it. Some resort to diet pills but is it safe to take those pills?

I’ve read a lot of forums about diet pills and even tried it myself. Before taking the pill I tried to research it on the internet, its effectiveness and side effects. Chinese diet pills are the most popular so far. It’s affordable and effective. All my life, I never take prohibited drugs but taking the pill seems like I’m high on drugs. I stop using it coz I have strong heart palpitations, I can’t breath, I can’t eat I just drink a lot of water which I think is good, but the worst of all; I have rashes coming out all over my body. I have history of allergy before and it’s fatal. I was sent to the hospital due to allergy. Yes I really did loose weight but it has negative side effects on me.

I was also scared of the comments I’ve read on the forums saying that diet pills can cause cancer. There was a testimony about her aunt who died of cancer resulting from diet pills intake. I just wasted my money buying the pill since I didn’t even consume it all. I gave the remaining pills to my friend. She even consumed 4 more packs of it and now she has a slimmer body. I am afraid for what negative side effects the pill may do to her body. She may not notice it now but we never know what happens in the future.Diet Pills – Safe or Not?