Tin (10th) Wedding Anniversary!

Yes, I’m just 29 years old and my huby is 31 years old but we’re having our 10th wedding anniversary this 30th of October! Are we too young to celebrate such anniversary? We married young so obviously we’ve been through a lot of tough and more tougher times aghhh! We’ve been blessed with two wonderful kids Yuri (8 yrs old) and Aliyah (3 yrs old). We separated twice for more than three months each but still we’re back in each others arms, as they saying goes ” LOVE is sweeter the second (or third? LOL) time around”. I can say that although we marry at a very young age we are still financially and emotionally okay.

Our anniversary is coming up and of course we have plans about it. I’m thinking of going on a trip all four of us but my MOM said we have to stay at home and celebrate with them…oh I don’t know what to do now. Just the other night I was having trouble with my computer and I’m blaming my husband for it. Why? Because I’ve been telling him that we should buy a new one but he kept on telling me to wait! Computer is very important for me since I work online, without a computer I have no income. So he gave me two choices, either he’ll buy me a new computer or spend the money to celebrate our wedding. What ever should i do now?


8 thoughts on “Tin (10th) Wedding Anniversary!

  1. Congratulations on your 10th annv Hope! Wishing you and your family a very wonderful harmony life together forever.
    You still can have both choices…split the money for both the celebration and computer, everyone is happy 🙂
    Btw, nice new layout! Finally I can put up my comments too! Thanks!


  2. ..10 yeaaaaaaaaarss??? pretty mpresive..
    ..best wishes 4 d nxt wodrful yrs 2 cum!!!
    ..i wondr hw u made a reltnshp stronger thruout d yrs 🙂
    ..u hv 2 cutest angels..i luv der eyes–so expresiv..pwde clang kurutin??–hehehe
    ..finly i made my 1st coment here:)


  3. thanks….we had a lot of ups and downs but we strive to stick together and keep our relationship working. My kids really have a nice eye they got it from their father hehe….


  4. Congrats on your 10th anniversary, It must have been a great day to celebrate, The younger you get married the better in my opinion. I sincerely hope you make it to your 50th anniversary. Good luck and work at keeping the marriage alive, Its not easy being married.


  5. Thanks Dave, seeing my kids now made me think how lucky I am to have them. Not even regretting getting married at very young age. As long as we keep our marriage alive I think there won't be any problem at all.


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