Kidney For A Living

Late last night while working on my assignment, I watched National Geographic Channel. The show was all about taboo and Philippines was one of the featured countries with such belief. Actually what was featured for me is not some kind of a taboo. It’s more of survival. People tend to do anything to survive from poverty, from problems.
There’s a place in the Philippines where most of the people sell their Kidneys to black market for them to earn money. Yeah that’s true, I couldn’t believe they actually did it. For sure, those people are helpless and could not find other ways to earn money. Some of them actually do have jobs but their wage is not enough to support their family.
Picture from CBSNews
Doctors said that taking the other kidney may cause some long term effects which are not beneficial for human. The operation itself is a painful one. It takes time to heal the wounds. After the operation most of them can’t go back to their old jobs especially when it includes physical strength such as lifting heavy objects, so they need to find another job that is much lighter and easier to do. Selling their Kidney is just a temporary financial relief.It was even mentioned that this act was even legalized by the government before and I thought that was so ridiculous. Currently the government banned the selling of kidneys after seeing the negative effects. The government must take care of this; they should create more bills that people would benefit in a long term. Instead of corrupting people’s money, they should rather give it to the poor. Anyway when we die we can’t bring our money with us.

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